Hermes Launches Fine Jewelry Line

Hermès jewelry, like the above, worn on the fall runway, retails for chump change compared to the new collaborative line. Photo: Dominique Charriau, WireImage

Looks like Hermès is going from Birkins and Kelly bags to bling and carats. Squeal!

The French fashion house has announced that it will be launching a collection of fine jewelry with accessories designer Pierre Hardy, WWD reports.

Equestrian influences flow throughout the 14-piece “haute bijouterie” collection, which includes a whip-shaped diamond necklace and the horse-hoof-inspired rose gold and black jade Centaure necklace, says the paper.

Giddy up!

But hold on to your saddles, mes amies. This collection will reportedly make scoring a luxe Birkin look like a cakewalk, with prices ranging from roughly $23,675 to $880,000 (ouch!) and an estimated waiting time of five to seven months (double ouch!).

Still, it just might be worth rifling through Bill Gates’s couch for loose change: the collection’s Fouet necklace, for instance, reportedly boasts 3,669 diamonds totaling 36.16 carats, and everything comes packaged in black alligator-leather boxes.

We. Die.

Hermès is not a very precious universe,” Hardy told WWD. “I simply went back to its roots and to the horse’s hoof, taking the roughest, strongest, almost radical element and giving it the most feminine, the most modern interpretation.”

If you can cough up the cash, book a plane ticket while you’re at it: Jewelry orders can be placed during the collection’s world tour this fall, which will hit Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Berlin, the source reports.

If you can’t cough up the cash, well… join the club.

Hermes Launches Fine Jewelry Line Full Article


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